The facility strives to maintain a home style, friendly, and positive atmosphere.  We take the kids out to anything from community cultural events to local high school basketball games.  Our feeling is that just because they are with us, that does not mean that their normal activities have to stop.We also believe that a healthy part of childhood is learning responsibility, and sharing of family duties.  Therefore, we have the youth participate in daily chores, such as washing their own clothes, and keeping their living area clean.  Staff work along side the youth, and instructs them on how to complete their assigned tasks.  Our entire staff  is designated to teach Independent Living Skills showing the residents how to do things like budgeting, comparison shopping, and cooking.We also firmly believe that youth have the possibility of drawing strength from their culture and from spirituality.  We present opportunities for our residents to learn about both.

We have 4 levels for youth to obtain. Each level has a minimum period of time, but will be restarted or extended due to the residents behavior.

Level 1 is where residents integrate into the program. They are always close to staff and visits are only allowed in the building. This is for the first 2 weeks.
Level 2 is where the residents can have a little bit of freedom to walk around the grounds unsupervised, walk back from school if they choose, to start job hunting as well. They can be on the computer up to 45 minutes per day. They can have day passes with family if the referring worker is agreeable to that. This level is a minimum of 4 weeks.
Level 3 is where the residents, with referring worker approval, can have over night home visits. They can have computer time up to an hour per day. They can take unsupervised walks in the community. The minimum time is 4 weeks for this level.
Level 4 is the discharge level. Our minimum expectation is 2 weeks, with 3 successful home visits. However, many times other factors, such as a lack of a suitable place to go, or the next placement is not ready, extends this level indefinitely. We have had youth stay here as long as a year. Sometimes the stay is to finish a semester or complete school year, or the court may not feel comfortable with the resident leaving.